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Seaports in the First Global Age : Portuguese Agents, Networks and Interactions (1500-1800) / edited by Amelia Polónia, Cátia Antunes.
Porto: Universidade do Porto 2017, 432 pages illustrations ISBN 9789897461101 (Nº:136191) OCLC/Worldcat
Política internacional; Relaciones entre los países / Tráfico fluvial / Historia de Portugal / Siglos XV-XVI / Siglo XVII / Siglo XVIII / Europa / Portugal / Asia
This book intends to underline the importance of the changes some ports, marked by the Portuguese presence, went through because of the connections promoted by a world-wide transformative exchange. It brings to the fore a multi-focal approach designed to underline phenomena that derive from morphological and environmental aspects, to economic dynamics, social transformations, cultural and religious practices.