Exchanges, Crisis and Climate

Readings on Early Modern Iberian Globalism

Juan Pablo Gil-Osle ; edited by Katie Brown.

Since 2004, themes of the “Global” and “Climate” have percolated into Hispanic Studies. However, the discipline lacks a comprehensive perspective regarding the analysis of representations of expansion and crisis in early modern literature. This book addresses part of that by focusing on the impact of Iberian globalizations and weather unpredictability on the arts. The first part explores 16th-century globalizing impulses through the creation of world routes and markets that crystallized in the opening of trade with China. The second part focuses on a concomitant phenomenon to transcontinental and transoceanic explorations: the climatic crisis known as the Little Ice Age and its literary depictions. As a result, this book proposes a new vision of the Golden Age and colonial literatures by incorporating Hispanisms into fundamental debates of the 21st century, such as global development and the climate crisis, the responsibilities of the Anthropocene, without forgetting the role of the arts in the processes necessary to assimilate the consequences of exchanges and growth.

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Año: 2023
Páginas: 182 pages
Formato: 22 cm.
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ISBN: 978-84-9192-387-9
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Geografía ambiental
Historia Hispanoamérica
Historia y crítica de la literatura
Literatura en español
América Latina - XV-XVIII
América Latina

Juan Pablo Gil-Osle completed his doctorate at the University of Chicago. Currently, he is professor of Spanish and Comparative Literature at Arizona State University, Tempe, after having held positions at the University of Michigan and Arkansas State University, and his stay as invited researcher at the University of Tübingen, Germany. He has published extensively on Cervantes, Tirso de Molina, comedia, gender and friendship, Southwest cartography, representations of globality, and climate change in literature. In that vein of literary analysis of globalization, his most recent publications deal with Sino-Iberian literature in Manila between 1571 and 1625.



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